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Gun Lovers Paradise, That's Front Sight!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a gun users heaven. Located a short drive away from the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, Front Sight is a resort town based around firearms training and safe, responsible gun use. That's right, a resort town. Imagine Pebble Beach, or some other luxury gated community. Well take that gated community, remove the golf courses and racquet courts, add guns in almost every citizen's hand or hip and also add America's finest firearms training.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is what anchors Front Sight, a residential community that will have its own ZIP code upon completion of construction. Front Sight's founder and director is Dr. Ignatius Piazza, who was a chiropractor in California. When Dr. Piazza was the victim of a drive-by shooting which targeted his neighborhood, he decided to do something to change the way that Americans faced gun training and firearms. He spent years and thousands of hours receiving the world's finest handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training. When it was all said and done, he was the world's second Four Weapons Combat Master, an illustrious title.

Now Front Sight is being featured in magazines and newspapers the world over, recently the National Enquirer for its approach to gun training. It helps that to garner students and attention, Dr. Piazza is offering free submachine gun lessons, that helps to gather reporters to him. The National Enquirer reporter was obviously fairly impressed, he especially made it a point to continually repeat what Dr. Piazza had to say about the purpose of Front Sight, "We're not building another Waco. We're not connected with any militia or extremists. A lot of our customers are in law enforcement. We've already got our ranges built at Front Sight, and we're even training deputies from the local Sheriff's Department. We've sold 29 out of the first 32 plots, all to law-abiding, upstanding, God-fearing citizens who respect the right to bear arms. We've got no crazies!"

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