Ignatius Piazza

Front Sight is Where America Gets Its Gun Training

Every year, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute delivers gun training to more students than all other shooting schools in America combined. What makes the gun training - handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training and submachine gun training - so much better than all other schools? The cadre is top-notch, there is a professional instructor for every three or four students, one of the best ratios in the industry, the training is developed from backgrounds of application, the entire school operates with a mindset of "Duty to Serve" and "Exchange in Abundance". For whatever good reason, Front Sight is the place more and more Americans are turning to in order to get gun training that they can use, safely and effectively.

But who takes advantage of this opportunity? Is it all cops and army? Not quite. A look at the testimonials from Front Sight's gun training will show who gets some of Front Sight's renowned firearms training:

"Front Sight gives you a much better understanding of gun use and tactics. I have found several areas I need to improve on and they showed me how to improve them."
- Drew Arends, USAR

"The two-day Defensive Handgun course I completed was better that any course I'd ever taken during my 18 years as a Police Officer. The instructor to student ratio was outstanding. I hope to attend more courses in the near future.
Keep up the good work!!!"
- Bob Ingersoll

"I never would have expected a course could improve my abilities so dramatically."
- Jeff Burke, Attorney

"This class will save your life."
- Shannon Long, Fireman/Paramedic

"If you want to effectively learn to protect yourself and your loved ones - go to Front Sight! There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to say what a fantastic operation this is."
- Kandi Blick, Ballroom Dance Instructor

So there you have it, Front Sight's superior gun training courses are attended by average, run-of-the mill joes like you and me! The firearms training at Front Sight is unlike anything anywhere else. America is beginning to realize this, shouldn't you?

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