Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza is a Friend to All Gun Fans

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the man behind Front Sight, America and the world's first gun town. Dr. Piazza has taken it upon himself to get the training necessary to deliver gun training that rivals anything anyone else in the world can offer. His firearms training is the finest on the planet, and so are his instructors, but it is how Dr. Piazza intends to deliver this firearms training that's especially impressive.

Dr. Piazza hopes to create at Front Sight a gun town, a gated community which will have as its prime directive gun training and gun safety. He doesn't want a band of anti-governmentalists, however. According to Dr. Piazza, "We're building a world-class resort centered around the safe and responsible use of firearms. I know we have critics," added Piazza. "But Front Sight is part of the solution to gun tragedies and gun violence. Guns aren't a problem, it's the lack of training, and we give law-abiding gunowners high levels of training in everything from handguns to submachine guns."

Dr. Piazza hopes that through his institute's superior gun training, he will be able to educate Americans in everything, including handgun training, shotgun training and rifle training. He is looking for Americans who are interested in learning the safe, effective use of firearms, and he's finding them!

A man interviewed by the Enquirer, Meacher, 52, told the reporter, "This will be the safest town in America. Everybody living here will be armed and trained any criminal would have to be deranged to try anything in Front Sight."

"It'll be a safe community of like-minded individuals, a second home I eventually retire to," said future resident Dean Gamburd, 48, a Los Angeles businessman, which is an average cross-sample for Front Sight students and future residents: businessmen and women who want to live in a completely safe environment.

"I don't play golf I shoot. It's a great idea. We'll have fun!"

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