Ignatius Piazza

Rifle Training Makes a Surprisingly Wonderful Gift

Rifle training has taken the nation by storm! Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, founded and directed by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is not surprised by this, after all, Front Sight is one of the many reasons that the nation is finally realizing that rifle training is not just an important aspect of the broad subject of firearms training, but it is also a vital part of American life and citizenship.

For instance, in our nation's rich past, we have not been able to escape the fact that rifle training is an absolutely necessary part of life. The most obvious reason is how we came into existence: the Revolutionary War. Had it not been for minutemen, the men who lived in outlying areas of major cities and had received rifle training at the hands of fathers, brothers, cousins and fellow hunters, we would still be saying things like "Guv'nah" and "Cheerio".

Our next example is the great American frontier. While we forged our way west, we faced enemies stopping and slowing our eventual progress to the Pacific Ocean. Some of these were natural barriers like cougars, mountain lions and bears, while others took the form of our fellow man. Whether or not one supports the white man's progress across America, one cannot ignore the fact that without proper rifle training we never would have made it past the Appalachian ranges.

Finally, we have the Wild West. In a time and age when it was completely normal to see men and even women walking through town with a firearm or three strapped to their person in one way or another, rifle training was important, whether for gopher hunting or self defense against rogues and horse thieves.

So for America to today turn away from the desperately important subject of rifle training and call it largely unimportant or unnecessary is a travesty not only on a level of self defense, but also in a historical, patriotic way.

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