Ignatius Piazza

Why Shotgun Training? Why Not Keep Yourself Safe?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can't quite ever get over the amusement he gets from the question, why shotgun training? Shotgun training seems excessive to many Americans, and most would feel safer if they didn't have to confront the very idea of shotguns and shotgun training. But the fact of the matter is that shotgun training isn't something that's evil - and neither are shotguns! Shotgun training is a good thing for not only those who think that they'll some day need to use a shotgun, but also those who don't realize yet that their lives could some day depend on their having firearms training.

Firearms training is not a one-subject school of training. Firearms training includes handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, submachine gun training and unarmed and armed self defense training. If one could develop a study of guns and firearms training that combines all of these aspects and condensed them into quickly absorbable, easily understood series of courses, anyone taking each series would be very effective and safe with firearms. Fortunately such a thing has been done.

Obviously, to make a comprehensive study of firearms training, one would need to be no less than an absolute master of firearms, a master of all aspects of gun training. Fortunately, there is such a certification. That certification is Four Weapons Combat Master (TM). The Four Weapons Master test is one of the most difficult certifications in all of the gun training industry. To date, only five men have ever successfully accomplished the training. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is one such man. From his training to become a master, he has created the courses which make up Front Sight's training regimen. In addition to this, he has hired only the best of the nation's professionals in gun training and now Front Sight is the nation's number one place for firearms training.

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